Our Mission

About Our Kennel

Over the years, we have made wonderful friends and connections, and, through these connections, as well as experience, have been able to learn *some* of the secrets to living harmoniously with our dogs. We are constantly learning as we spend more and more time with our dogs, something which we treasure dearly. The learning process will never stop, and that is what drives us and helps us provide the best quality of life for our dogs. On the weekends, our dogs enjoy hiking, packing, and mushing with us in the mountains around our home – our Shiba Inu enjoy snuggling with us on the couches and playing in the yard. We take our dogs on regular trips into town where they get to interact with the local dogs and humans.

We actively involve ourselves in several rescue groups and run a Nihon Ken rescue network. We are interested in saving every aspect of these wonderful breeds.

Our dogs live with us on our ranch; it's our home, and our dog’s home. We live with all of our dogs, as a family. None of our dogs are kenneled in dog runs and all of them sleep indoors.

Our home is located in the mountains in a remote region of the American Southwest. We live on 2.5 acres of land of which 1.5+ acre is fenced in for our dogs and us to enjoy the great outdoors.

Yamabushi Kennel is environmentally aware, we make a conscience effort to reduce the amount of waste we produce, to take less from the earth, and to reduce our consumption.

  • We buy 100% wind power to power the day-to-day operations of our home and our kennel.
  • We recycle metal, paper, cardboard, and glass.
  • All dog waste is disposed of in a way that meets the FDA's guidelines for pet-waste management.
  • We heat our home with wood and propane.

Yamabushi Kennel is taking an extended break from our preservation and breeding efforts. We are no longer accepting reservations for future litters. Please feel free to email us at info@yamabushikennel.org with questions or join The Nihon Ken Forum to learn more about the six native Japanese breeds. To learn more about the Kai Ken, breeding, training, health, or genetics please visit our links page.