Our Mission

Our Practices

Our breeding practices are straight-forward:

  • We will never breed a breed we feel we cannot help improve, and we will never breed a breed that we feel does not need a greater genetic diversity.

  • We rarely repeat breedings. This means that most of our puppies are unique in physical appearance and personality.

  • All of the dogs produced by our program, for our program, are health checked, and their health is guaranteed. We never breed an animal that has not passed our rigorous temperament and health tests.

  • All of our dogs live with us as family members, or some of our dogs live with other cooperative families. We do this in order to make sure all of our dogs live happy family lives, and get the love and interaction they deserve and need to be well-adjusted animals.

  • Our dogs do not live their lives in kennels, they are free to coexist with our other dogs and family members. We feel this helps to produce happier dogs and, therefore, happier puppies.

  • We screen all prospective owners, rigorously, and we temperament check all of our puppies before placement to ensure each owner gets the right personality for their situation. If you do not like being asked personal questions about your life and ethics please do not contact us for a puppy - a screening is a requirement to even be considered for a puppy from Yamabushi Kennel.

  • If for some reason, no matter what the reason, an owner of a Yamabushi dog has to give up their dog/puppy, we require that they give the dog back to us, and only us. We will always take back our dogs, and they are always welcome here.

  • Receiving a puppy from Yamabushi Kennel is a lifetime commitment and relationship. We are here to answer your questions for the life of your pet and beyond.

  • Our kennel is run as a non-profit organization. The money we receive in donations to our kennel is put directly into the feeding and care of our dogs and the upkeep of our kennel. At the end of the year, if there is ever money left over from our breeding operation, it is donated to the rescue systems to help save all the millions of dogs in need.

  • Our management and training techniques are based on science. We use the LIMA (least invasive, minimally aversive) philosophy for the management of our dogs and we prefer reward-based training techniques to consequence-based ones. We DO NOT subscribe to the alpha/dominance theories on dog social behaviors.

Yamabushi Kennel is taking an extended break from our preservation and breeding efforts. We are no longer accepting reservations for future litters. Please feel free to email us at info@yamabushikennel.org with questions or join The Nihon Ken Forum to learn more about the six native Japanese breeds. To learn more about the Kai Ken, breeding, training, health, or genetics please visit our links page.