Our Mission

Our Husbandry

Dinner Time!

At Yamabushi Kennel, we strive to provide all of our dogs with the best possible care. This means that all of our dogs (both breeding dogs and family pets) get the best nutrition we can provide. All Yamabushi dogs receive routine veterinary care as well as any additional healthcare that is needed.

Additionally, all dogs receive regular mental stimulation and socialization. We feel that our process helps our dogs to be the most well-rounded and happy dogs possible. While we do not expect you to follow our guidelines exactly, we do encourage you to provide the same amount of love and care to your pup. We are always available to answer health, care and behavior questions about any of our dogs. If we do not have the answer, we have the resources to help you provide the best care for your new family member.

Feeding/ Supplements
Our pack receives a natural, grain-free diet as well as vitamins and supplements to provide the optimum nutrition for their life stages. We do not believe in “free-feeding” and all of our dogs are separated at feeding time to prevent overeating.

  • All-natural grain-free and raw diet
    • Kibble: Orijen puppy and Acana grain-free
    • Supplemental feeding:
      • Raw: Primal Pet.
    • Supplements (as needed)
      • Grizzly Salmon Oil
      • Digestive Enzymes/Probiotics
    • Treats:
      • All of our dogs receive food as rewards and as an occasional “activity.” They are rewarded when they perform the appropriate behaviors (sitting patiently, coming when called, etc.).
      • We also give them the occasional bully stick, dental chew, etc. These special treats are usually reserved for rainy days or extended times away (the days that we are actually gone more than a few hours).
      • All treats are kept to a minimum to maintain healthy weights.
      • All treats are all-natural, healthy treats. All treats have some supplemental benefit such as Omega oils, Glucosamine/Chondroitin, etc.

Wellness (Veterinary Care)

  • Routine veterinary care: annual wellness exams & Blood screenings, heartworm checks and vaccinations.
  • All dogs are on heartworm preventatives and any other medications necessary to maintain their well-being.

Health Certification

  • All of the dogs that we plan to breed will have health screenings and orthopedic checks.
  • • All of the dogs that we plan to breed will receive Penn-Hip scores or OFA hip certification.
  • • Other tests or certifications (such as blood tests, DNA, etc) are performed as needed.


  • All of our dogs are groomed at home regularly.
  • All dogs have their nails cut regularly (either by us or the vet/groomer depending on their tolerance to the nail clippers/grinder).
  • All of our dogs are “self-cleaning;” however, they are bathed as necessary. We try to keep the bathing to a minimum in order to maintain the natural oils in their skin.

Mental Well-Being

  • Every member of the pack receives obedience training (and, in some cases, agility training)
  • All dogs are walked on a regular basis. This ranges from 30-minute walks to 10-mile trail hikes.
  • All of our dogs are regularly taken on car rides and “socialization trips” to places ranging from the grocery store and town plaza to National parks and far off places.
  • Additionally, each of our dogs gets a minimum of 30 minutes of individualized attention daily. This time is spent doing whatever they enjoy with activities such as cuddle time (for the smaller dogs), brushing, training (for the food lovers), or just a heavy play session of tug-o-war or catch.

Yamabushi Kennel is taking an extended break from our preservation and breeding efforts. We are no longer accepting reservations for future litters. Please feel free to email us at info@yamabushikennel.org with questions or join The Nihon Ken Forum to learn more about the six native Japanese breeds. To learn more about the Kai Ken, breeding, training, health, or genetics please visit our links page.