Our Mission

About Our Kai Ken

Many of the bloodlines of the Kai Ken in North America have become compromised and inbred; it is our mission to correct this trend through careful selection and selective breeding of our imported Kai Ken. Yamabushi Kai Ken are bred to meet the Kai Ken Aigokai (KKA) standard for the breed. Our puppies are KKA registered and are officially recognized by the Japanese Kai Ken Preservation Society making them a key component in the preservation of the breed in North America. Our Kai Ken preservation stock have been hand-selected from kennels in Japan and North America. We are active importers and work closely with several KKA-registered kennels in Japan to preserve the Kai Ken bloodlines of North America.

The focus of our preservation efforts is the diversification of the Kai Ken in North America, but not at the expense of health, temperament, or workability. The foundation of our preservation stock has been screened for health problems, hand-picked for temperament, and come from proven working lines. It is our goal to produce Kai Ken in North America that enhance and improve the current state of the breed. Our imported preservation stock represent some of the first Kai Ken imported to North America since the mid-1990s. Our importing efforts have more than doubled the available bloodlines in North America.

Yamabushi Kennel is taking an extended break from our preservation and breeding efforts. We are no longer accepting reservations for future litters. Please feel free to email us at info@yamabushikennel.org with questions or join The Nihon Ken Forum to learn more about the six native Japanese breeds. To learn more about the Kai Ken, breeding, training, health, or genetics please visit our links page.