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Kumi and Haru – Fall 2011 Litters: Playtime! Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Here are a few videos of all the pups playing…








Kai Ken Haru’s Fall 2011 Litter: 35 Days Old Monday, October 24th, 2011

Haru’s litter is 35 days old now, and doing great. they are growing fast and starting to interact with the other dogs. I have a lot video of the litter that I need to upload, but have not gotten to it yet. Please be patient with us, I promise to post it soon!


Kai Ken Haru’s Fall 2011 Litter: 35 Days Old


You’ll notice that we’re missing  a puppy, unfortunately puppy number 2 died in an accident that we’re still not 100% clear on.

We left for a brunch on Saturday the 15th, we were only gone for about 2 hours. When we returned home we found puppy number 2 had passed away. The vet said his neck had been broken. We left Haru and her puppies in their whelping pen, which is enclosed on all sides and top. So no other dogs could get to them, so we think that maybe Haru got startled and accidentally stepped on the pup. 🙁

Moving on to a happier topic, here are some pictures we took of the pups (we had to take these outside on my truck to get better lighting)…


Puppy One, male (Shakko)





Puppy Three, female (Ciqala)





Puppy Four, male (Mishima)




Kai Ken Haru’s Fall 2011 Litter: 20 Days Old Friday, October 14th, 2011

Haru’s litter is 20 days old now. They are doing great, very strong and healthy with outgoing personalities. Here are some updated pictures of the pups…


Puppy One (male)





Puppy Two (male)





Puppy Three (female)





Puppy Four (male)




Kai Ken Haru’s Fall 2011 Litter Has Arrived! Saturday, October 1st, 2011

We’re happy to announce the arrival of Haru’s second litter.



Haru gave birth to four healthy pups on September 15th 2011. She had three boys and one girl. In the picture above the puppies are 5 days old, and they are pictured below at 12 days old…


Puppy One (male)




Puppy Two (male)




Puppy Three (female)




Puppy Four (male)



We’re very excited to watch them grow and mature, Haru’s puppies are always a lot of fun. 🙂 We’ll be sure to keep the blog updated with pictures and video!

Litter Announcement: Haru and Kumi Friday, August 19th, 2011

Haru and Kumi were mated with Nio and both were confirmed pregnant on August 16th. We are very excited for these two litters as we think they will produce two distinct “types”.

Nio and Kumi Courting

Kumi’s litter is expected around September 8th, and Haru’s litter is expected around September 25th. Any puppies available for placement will go to their new homes mid-to-late November.

This will be Kumi’s first litter and Haru’s second litter. Their litters will be the 2nd (Kumi’s litter) and 3rd (Haru’s litter) Kai Ken Aigokai (KKA) registered litters born outside Japan. To learn more about Haru’s first litter (and see her puppies), which was the the 1st KKA-registered litter born outside Japan, please click here.

NioNio is a strong, athletic, dog with a compact and solid body. He has a wide head and a wonderful eye-set. He’s a very loving male, who really enjoys attention from people. He enjoys snuggling with us and playing with us. He’s playful with the other dogs too, and he’s very tolerant of their antics. His solid build and nice working drive makes him a GREAT outdoor companion.




HaruHaru is also a strong and athletic Kai. She is most comfortable playing in the mountains with us – she never gets tired of it! Haru is a good size for a female, with a nice solid build. Haru is good with our dogs and friendly to strangers, but not in-your-face. She’s a nice example of “aloof but friendly”. Haru is very loving with us and her puppies, she loves to play and she LOVES to work – she’s very trainable!

We expect this to be a great working litter, with beautiful, social, high-drive, energetic, biddable, and athletic puppies.


KumiKumi is a little tank, she’s a rather stocky female with a nice thick head and smaller ears – all highly sought-after features for a female Kai Ken. Kumi is a tough dog, from 8 weeks on she was basically raised with a litter of Caucasian Ovcharka puppies we had at the time. She played with them non-stop, and so she grew up to be a pretty tough and confident little thing. It’s a hoot to watch her play with her surrogate “litter mate”, Kodi (a male Caucasian Ovcharka we kept from that litter). Even though Kodi out weighs her by almost 125lbs, she still keeps him in-line. Kumi is very loving with us, and very friendly with the other dogs – she loves to play!

We expect this to be a wonderful all-around litter, with thick-coated, beautiful, friendly, social, and athletic puppies.

Please feel free to call us at 575.323.1524 or email us at info@yamabushikennel.org with any questions regarding these litters. Stay tuned for more details and updates! 🙂