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Ahi’s Recovery Status Update Friday, July 25th, 2008

>As mentioned in my post about our pack’s health issues, Ahi is recovering from a third surgery to repair her Luxating Patella.

She is recovering nicely, there is a chance she still has a slight luxation in her left patella – but we will give it a few months to determine the severity.

There is also a very small chance the luxation we are seeing in her knee is due to a build up of scar tissues behind her patella from having 2 back-to-back surgeries on that one knee.

Anyway, here is a video of Ahi visiting the rest of the pack in our yard…

Health and our Nihon Ken pack Thursday, July 24th, 2008

>My wife and I go to great lengths to ensure our pups get the best possible health care [mental and physical] – this includes vet visits, grooming, food, and etc.

One of the things we feel is most important for our dogs to live happy healthy lives is a top-quality diet. We feed our dogs high quality holistic grain-free kibble mixed with RAW meats and bones.

We also do yearly holistic health/blood screenings on them to insure they are in tip-top shape.

Having said all that, even providing this level of care, doesn’t completely remove their risks for illness and issues. In our pack a few of our pup suffer from some health issues, and so, in the interests of full disclosure, I felt it was important document and share these issues with all of you…

Kaia – She has Osteoarthritis in her back, and it can be very painful for her. We have had her checked by many specialist and have learned that the best thing we can do is supplement her diet to help counter act the worsening of her issue. We also giver her a low dosage of Tramadol when her back is really bothering her [usually after she plays to hard with the other pups]. We supplement Kaia [and all our pups] with Velvet Elk Antler.

Maui – He is a mess. We are currently in the process of having his blood screened by Dr. Jean Dodds in California in the hopes she can help us understand his issues. Maui is very thin and doesn’t eat much. He also has very high anxiety. His hair seems to be thinning on his belly and chest and his skin is getting very dark in color. He has been tested for allergies, thyroid, and other things and nothing ever shows up. We believe it is thyroid related and are hoping this current blood screening will point us in a direction to help the little man. He acts totally normal and doesn’t seem effected by his condition, so that’s good. I’ll update the blog when we know more regarding Maui.

Ahi – She has had to have surgery to correct her luxating patella in both her knees. The first surgery went great, the second had a complication and her patella cracked, so she had to have another surgery to fix that issue. She is recovering now and seems to be doing well. We expect her to be fully recovered by winter time.

Hilo – He was born with very bad conformation. He also suffers from a collagen deficiency that causes him to be somewhat “rubbery” – for example his ears don’t always stand up. Hilo also suffers from Enamel Hypo-calcification, this was caused by a high fever he contracted as a pup.

So far, that’s it – the rest of our pack seems very healthy.