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Feeding RAW Friday, May 1st, 2009

>My wife and I have always preferred to feed our dogs RAW, but with so many mouths to feed it was very hard for Jen and I to come up with a meal plan for each dog. Then their is the cost, Luytiy and Masha alone eat 5lb of kibble a day! So the cost of feeding them RAW is crazy high.

Since moving to New Mexico, where the climate is MUCH dryer than Georgia and the sun is VERY intense we have found that a few of our dogs’ coats have started to look bad. Specifically Loa’s and Ahi’s; Loa’s started feeling very coarse and Ahi’s has looked horrible.

We made the switch for Loa first, about 2 months ago, and once again were shocked by the difference a RAW diet makes for a dog’s coat. Loa looks AMAZING now! The results were just too good not to switch the smallest family members back to RAW.

So, Jen and I decided to switch Loa, Ahi, Kona, and the Shibas (Maui & Kaia) to a prepared RAW diet. This will bring our monthly costs up some, but we think it’s worth it and at the end of the day the 5 of them eat the least amount of food out of all our dogs.

Our hope is that RAW will help Kaia w/ her back, help Maui with his skin allergies, and help Ahi with her coat. As for Kona, we are just interested to see if it makes a difference for him as his coat looks great anyway.

If there is anyone on the fence about feeding their dogs RAW, I think you should just go ahead and make the switch. This is the third time we have switched to a RAW diet for one of (or a few of) our dogs and once again – for the third time – we were amazed by the results!

I’ll leave with you with a Loa and Kaia pic that shows their lovely new RAW-fed coats…

Shikoku Ken

Kaia: Shiba Inu