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Litter at Suteishii Kennels sired by Yamabsuhi’s “Akashi”

Suteishii Kennels PuppiesFrom time to time, Yamabushi Kennel will partner with cooperative Kai Ken breeders in North America in an effort to increase the Kai Ken’s population diversity outside of Japan.

It is in the spirit of that type of cooperation that we are pleased and excited to announce that our male Kai Ken “Akashi” (Japanese import) has sired a litter at Suteishii Kennels in Ohio.

We’re happy to share with you some pics from Suteishii Kennels‘ litter. This beautiful litter, of 3 girls and 1 boy, was born on September 14th.

For more information on the availability of these puppies please contact Stacey Pestel via the Suteishii Kennels FaceBook page: www.facebook.com/SuteishiiKennels


Group Shot:


Puppy 1 – Female:

Puppy 2 – Female:

Puppy 3 – Female:

Puppy 4 – Male:


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