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You may have noticed a change to our website…

>You may have noticed that we removed the Shikoku Ken breed from our website. We have decided to take a break from the breed while we focus on our Kai Ken preservation efforts.

We removed Shikoku from our site because our recent efforts to breed Loa didn’t work out. This last breeding attempt was done using frozen semen from Akashima’s stud dog named “Kuma”. Since the semen we used was frozen, Colorado Veterinary Specialists recommended we do a surgical AI.

During the surgical AI they found a number of cysts on both of Loa’s uterine horns. This is typically a sign of Cystic Endometrial Hyperplasia (CEH). CEH is a predisposing factor in a number of reproductive problems including pyometra, failure to become pregnant, or failure to maintain a pregnancy. This condition is typically caused by empty heat cycles.

Unfortunately Loa’s past failed breeding, which resulted in an empty heat, probably lead to this condition. If that’s the case, then another failed breeding would put even more stress on her reproductive system, and she is at high risk of that due to CEH.

Based on the issues they found during the surgical AI, an increased risk of a pyometra and/or puppy death, which are both deadly to Loa, we do not plan to attempt to breed Loa again as we are not willing to put her health at risk. We have an appointment for her to be spayed next month.

That bit of bad news has forced us to take a hard look at our situation. With the loss of Loa from our Shikoku breeding plans, to continue our Shikoku program, it will require us to start from scratch. Because of this, and with our efforts being focused so heavily on our Kai Ken preservation program, we have decided to table our Shikoku plans for now. We will be taking a break from the breed for a few years while we focus on our Kai Ken plans.


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2 Responses to “You may have noticed a change to our website…”

  1. Myriam Says:

    >I hope the Kai Ken breed will hep you through this pain.
    I'm in love with the Kai Ken breed almost for 3 years
    Maybe, one time my dream will come trhough with a red brindle beautifull female puppie 🙂
    Good luck and I keep an eye on your blog

    greetings from Kerselereveld Shiba's Belgium

  2. BradA1878 Says:

    Thank you!