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Breeding Loa to Akashima’s "Kuma"

>LoaLoa will be bred to Akashima’s “Kuma” early next week.

This will be our third attempt to breed Loa, and hopefully our final attempt. This breeding is happening right at her 3rd birthday – she will turn 3 years old on 08/21/2010.

We initially planned to breed Loa to O’iKon’s “Aka”, but they were unable to conceive, eventually we learned that it was due to Aka’s low sperm count.

Our next planned breeding was with Airreyalis’s “Shoushuu”, but due to a mismatch in OFA results (both scored “fair”) we decided Loa would be better matched with Kuma who scored “excellent” on his OFA.

We will be sure to update the blog once Loa has been bred.



One Response to “Breeding Loa to Akashima’s "Kuma"”

  1. Masako Says:

    >Fingers and paws crossed that it works out this time…